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Wilston Pop Up Kids Clothes Swap

  • Register your interest here for us to sell your kids branded hand-me-downs (high end hammys).


  • Sell 5 items only. Sizes 4 -10 years only.


  • Arrange to drop off clothes any day between 22/02/23 and 02/03/23 at St Albans Community Hall, corner of Lovedale and Ingliss Street, Wilston.

Also on swap day, bring along damaged kids clothes that you cannot donate or sell - we can now recycle them for you! Pop them in our Upcycle4better bins.

We will sell your kids hand-me-downs for you

We do all the heavy lifting, by labeling, selling and transferring the funds for sold clothes into your account. By registering your kids clothes first in terms of selling and buying this guarantees everyone will take items home during the swap. Don't bother with tedious marketplaces anymore, we will get rid of your kid's hand-me-downs all whilst giving you options to update your kids wardrobe.


Once registered drop off the clothes you are selling to St Albans Parish Hall located Cnr Ingliss and Lovedale streets, entrance on Ingliss St side for Hall.

Drop off clothes in any type of bag, coles/woolies, reusable or garbage bags of clothes between 27/2/23 and 02/03/23 from the hours of 9-3am. If no one is in the office, please leave bag in plastic tub outside office. Please label your bag with your email address you register with. Also if you are recycling clothes, please place them in a separate bag and mark with 'recycle'.


Selling the clothes

On the day of the clothes swap Sellers are invited to a special 30 minutes exclusive 'first look' at the branded second hand clothing for sale and can purchase during this time before the Swap is open to the public. Buy high end second hand clothing in sizes that fit your kids!

If your items don't sell on the day, what happens next depends on the preference you indicate during registration.

Register your KIDS outgrown
lothes bundle (5 items)  
Sizes 4-10 yrs only

What Gender are the clothes you wish to sell?
If your kids items are not sold, what is your preference;
Payment to sell clothes. There is a $5 registration fee which pays for hire of hall and adminstration. (not refundble given we facilitate everything and hire the hall regardless)
Thanks for submitting!
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