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Wilston Pop Up Kids Clothes Swap

Register your interest here to swap your kids

hand-me-downs. Swapping 5 items only. Sizes 5-10 years only.

Also bring along damaged kids clothes that cannot be donated or swapped - we can now recycle them for you!

Register your kids outgrown clothes details

By registering your kids' clothes this will ensure you receive a match for your kids outgrown clothes you are giving, as well as a match for the clothes you want to receive from another parent. You give secondhand clothes, and you will receive secondhand clothes.


Making sure your kids clothes have a match

By matching your kids clothes first this guarantees everyone will take items. Additionally, it ensures that you receive the same quality and quantity of clothes you have given. WIN, WIN!


If there is no match for your clothes

If there is no match for your kids clothes, you will be notified by the email address you provide on registration. This saves you coming to the swap and being disappointed... You can still come down and drop off any damaged kids clothes for recycling, however this still attracts the $5 fee for the recycling service.

Register your Interest  
Sizes 5-10 yrs only

What Gender are the clothes you wish to swap?
Payment Preference once matched. There is a $5 registration fee which pays for hire of hall and recycling unswappable garments.
Thanks for submitting!
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