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Have outgrown kids school uniforms?!

Welcome to our school uniform exchange initiative : it's like a dating app for your kids' old clothes!

  • Fill out a quick questionnaire, and we'll match you with a parent who wants what you've got or has what you need.

  • It's free, but you gotta swap to play! Its an exchange program. You need some uniforms to give first.

  • Any size or type of uniform works. You will have two matches, a match for items you're offering, and a match for items you seek to receive.

  • If you're a preppy parent and want to participate, contact us

Match to your family uniform needs

Be connected with like minded families, that want to give/receive/swap kids school uniforms. Either for a one-off match or for all future uniform needs for free! If you prefer to sell your second hand school uniforms head to our Pop-Up School Uniform shop tab and register your details.


Convenient and economical

If your school doesn't offer convenient second hand options then this can save the hassle of taking pictures, pricing and listing uniforms. Your kids outgrown uniforms are the currency, their value will get you second hand uniforms that fit!



Not only does using this service save you money, its saves time and the environment. A truly sustainable way to contribute to the circular economy, as it gives parents the digital tools to reduce clothing waste.

Once 10 or more parents are matched from your school we start donating 20% of the fees from the Concierge Service to your school's P&C association

Is your school not listed, register here.

Sign up Form

Which School Uniform are you exchanging?
Gender of Uniforms
GIVING - uniform type (you must give uniforms in order to recieve uniforms)
RECEIVING - Uniform type
How many items do you wish to swap? (You will receive te same quantity you give, ensuring a fair swap)
Location of exchange
Upload Photo
Thanks for submitting!
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